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B&N Contracting serves the Central Massachusetts area and is fully Licensed & Insured, delivering everything you need to put a new roof on your home (or fix the one you have now) and make your dream house come to life efficiently, and on budget.

From roofing, to skylights, to shingles, to rubber roofs, to metal roofs B&N Contracting can handle it all. We value our community & are passionate about helping others build their dreams.

From roofing repair to roof installations, we do it all.

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Highest-Quality Roof Installations

Sick of being ripped off by poor roofing contractors leaving jobs unfinished or low quality? We’re the ones you’re looking for. Our Risk Free contractors are experts in roofing installation & replacement. 

Our reputation goes as far back as 32 years. We provide our customers with the highest quality roof installations with affordable, high-quality, durable shingles installed by the original date set.

If you ever have concerns or questions, our contractors will be completely upfront and direct in their responses. No running around lying, like our competition does. Unhappy with one of our jobs? Unlikely outcome, but if that does occur, we are prepared to fix it or your money back given in full!

Affordable + High Performance

Most contractors will use cheap & low quality roofing material to save themselves a few bucks. We’re the opposite. With us, you get the highest quality roofing shingles with tons of different color options to match your home’s color scheme. 

We use Certainteed® shingles applied with a feathering technique through a complex computer system that applies a finish complete with dimension & depth. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

The shingles also include Advanced Protection Shingle Technology to make sure the best protection is provided for your home & your family. On top of that, they come with highest roofing fire rating to ever be heard of. 

These gorgeous shingles are also beyond reliable & high-performance; our residential roofing company has it all covered for you. Your roof is our priority, not our chore.

100% Lifetime Warranty Available

How would you feel if we told you that when you invest in your roof replacement, it’ll be the last one you’d ever have to buy?

It may sound too good to be true, but when you work with us, we offer you an optional lifetime warranty and that’s exactly what you get. When we do your roof replacement, it’s good for the length of time that you live in that home, even it’s for the rest of your life! Our confidence in our work is unmatched, and because of that fact, we’ll come back if something goes wrong from now until forever, no additional charge. No excuses, just honesty & quality. That’s our guarantee.

We also work with your budget for your roofing replacement cost. We over 100% hassle-free financing so that you can get the roof you need without worrying about roofing replacement costs.

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